Welcome to Related.

a collective of smart, experienced companies that come together to create an amazing and effective experience for your customers.

No matter what service or product you’re selling, interactions with customers aren’t a simple, single transaction. It’s a journey made up of several points of interaction – places where you connect with potential customers. Related helps ensure that the right experiences and needs are met at each point of engagement.

When trying to connect with customers, sometimes you need marketing and branding expertise. Other times you may need a fresh look at product development, help navigating web development or a clear understanding of digital advertising. These are vastly different areas, so it only makes sense to work with experts in each specialty to ensure that customers have a great experience at every point.

That’s what Related provides. We are not a company with different divisions. Related is something new, exciting and unique. We are a collective of smart, experienced companies, each with a particular focus and its own set of strengths. Whichever of the Related companies you begin working with, you can add others as your needs dictate. Together, we create an amazing and effective experience for your customers at every point of interaction. Related makes it possible for you to take your customers on a journey that is memorable, seamless, insightful and ultimately successful.


The Related Engagement Team

Related is a 45-person team representing four distinct companies. To get started with any of them, contact our engagement team below.

Blair Wieland

President / CEO

Do you want to start something? While anyone else would consider that a threat – for Blair, it's an opportunity. Blair is a serial entrepreneur who is always looking for "what's right, not what's next." First he creates something the market wants, and then makes it something they can't do without. After graduating from the University of Michigan and Notre Dame, Blair's "strategy first" approach to innovation made him a nationally recognized, award-winning product designer. When it comes to digital branding, this proven approach has equally powerful results. If you're ready to make your business a household name, or just want to know why anyone in their right mind would compete in a Triathlon, Blair has the answer.


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